Colorado Frequently Asked Questions suggests clear and specific answers to the questions you frequently ask in the field of painting:

Painting types by family

What are the painting families?

There are two main paint families:
Emulsion (water-based) paint:
Colotitane, Colovinyl 600, Colo 5000, Itoplast, Coloxane and Colosud.
Glycerophtalic (solvant-based) paint:
Gloss paint: Primolac - Colostar 100 – Cololac- itolac-itostar
Satin paint: Colosatin
Flat paint : such as Colomat & itomat
Decorative paints
Special paints
Coloflex: Gloss sealers
Flexomat: Matt sealers
EPOXYDUR: plant floor coatings
PLIOSTAR : self-cleaning façade paint
PEINTURE ROUTIERE: road marking and traffic paint
Pasty renders: Colostop, Colenduit,…
Powdered renders: Colenduit extra B505, Silenduit V805, Enduit façade P20
Surfacer: POREX (primer) or Colopore
Synthetic varnish: Boilux, Vernis gras V804, Vernis marin V9,…
Cellulose varnish: V4- V5-V7
Impregnation/protection products: Coloxim- Formoral –Imprex & coloprim
Anticorrosive coatings: Antirouille minium gris - Antirouille minium Brun rouge
Concentrated Pigment
Teinte 2000 : for water-based paints
Colopate : for oil-based paints

On painting in general

What is paint made of?

Pigments: give color and opacity
Resin or binder: gives adhesion and gloss
Fillers: used to improve certain physical and chemical properties (such as weak covering power)
Additives: substances added to paint at low dosage levels to improve some of its qualities and properties
Solvents: used to liquefy paint for an easy application

What is the paint used for?

Paint has two functions:

Where can I buy COLORADO products from?

Where can I get COLORADO products from ?

COLORADO products are namely available in the following distribution channels :
Hardware stores and DIY department stores.
Environement friendly paints
COLAQUA : Colaqua is a water-based semi-gloss paint designed for new interior works (bathrooms, kitchens…etc) and exterior work (exterior walls..etc.).
ACRYMAT : Acrymat is a white, flat and extra smooth ecological paint.
ACRYMAT is designed for interior work with the following properties:
High quality coating ;
Very easy to apply ;
Long-lasting high quality whiteness ;
Good washability.
ACRYLAC : Acrylac is an extra smooth gloss white acrylic paint.
ACRYLAC is designed for interior and exterior work with the following properties:
- Extremely high resistance to adverse weather conditions ;
- Very easy to apply;
- A very good opacity.

Practical questions

Is AMBRA a washable paint?

AMBRA is a decorative non washable paint. But by applying ambra waxes or filler waxes, it becomes washable.
VERNIS DEKEAU, designed to protect sensitive coatings in case of adverse weather conditions, is a water-based varnish recommended for protecting interior decorative paint except AMBRA.
How to seal a porch, a balcony or a façade that is exposed to rainfall?
To seal surfaces that are exposed to rain, COLORADO proposes COLOFLEX and COLOXANE.
Applied in thick layers (see product information sheet), Coloflex is used to prevent water leakages.

Which type of decorative paint can feature the traditional visual aspect of Tadellakt?

Interior decorative coating, AMBRA, imparts a marbled antique effect. It reproduces accurately the Tadellakt traditional appearance.

Which product can strengthen a rough concrete friable wall ?

An impregnation product, COLOPRIM or IMPREX varnishes are used to strengthen the wall and protect it from humidity.

How to resolve cracking problems?

ADESIVA is an ecological coating designed to fill masonry, plaster and wood cracks

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