High filling Two-component product Primer, insolating product, resists to the undeceive solvents, and optimize the top coat adhesion.. Car filler can be is used with a standard or a Fast hardener.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Packaging
    1L and 0,4 L
  • Application 
    Metal surfaces; wood; Aluminum and galvanized steel (A wash primer coat must be applied first). and for the application supports with a corrosion risk
  • Storage
    1 year in an ambient temperature in the closed original packing.
  • Storage measures
    Keep out of humidity in an ambient temperature, and make the lid closed after use.
  • Chemical nature 
    Acrylic Primer.
  • Related products
     Durcisseur Acrylor (Hardener), Rapid Acrylor (hardener), Universal Diluent C3(Diluent)
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