Special effect paints


Colograins is a particularly suited to enhancing and protecting exterior masonry walls, halls, rooms, etc…

Colograins with varied appearance (small or big coarse granules) is characterized by the ability of high power-stick.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Dilution
    water (0 to 10%)
  • Aspect
    Rustic - contains small or big granules
  • Tint
    White, can be tinted with Teinte 2000 colorants
  • Drying
    3 hours - Recoatable: after 12 hours
  • Spreading-rate
    1 to 1.5 sqm/kg per coat (depending upon the surface porosity)
  • Packaging
    20 Kg
  • Tools
  • Storage
    One year in the closed original container, as delivered
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