Certifications & Prizes

COLORADO is the first company it its sector of activity to be certified Q.S.E. This is the result of determination and permanent efforts at all levels, for the general management to the wage-earners and partners.  Find out more about the triple Q.S.E. certification. 

ISO 9001 for quality guarantee 

In 2003 COLORADO was certified ISO 9001 standard that sets specific requirements for quality management system (QMS). enabling an organization to base itself on the following principles: implication of the top management, orientation of the customer, implication of staff members, process approach, system approach, non stop improvement, decision-making based on facts, mutually beneficial relations with suppliers.


This contributed to the establishment of a non stop improvement process making it possible to master and reduce dysfunctions in our activity, and increase efficiency and effectiveness of our whole organization.


Certification of our management system according to the ISO 9001 standard contributes to the success of our organization by strengthening the level of customer satisfaction and staff member motivation.

ISO 45001 for health and safety at work, 

Health and safety at work are paramount concerns of COLORADO and its managers. 


In 2009 COLORADO was certified OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), an international standard for systems managing the health and safety at work (SST). 

It partakes in the establishment of a continuous performance improvement process based on the identification of dangers, assessment of risk and evaluation of the efficiency of corrective and preventive measures.


In 2019, Colorado successfully transitioned to the now ISO 45001 / V2018 standard, replacing OHSAS 18001 and aligning with new requirements that further strenghten the company's safety culture. 


Certification of our system of health and safety management at work according to the OHSAS terms of reference constitutes recognition of our implication and the outcomes obtained with regard to our wage-earners and partners.


ISO 14001 for the environment 

In 2009 COLORADO was certified ISO 14001, a standard spelling out precise requirement with regard to the environmental management system. 

It contributed to the establishment of a non stop improvement process making it possible achieve better mastery and reduce the effects of our activity on the environment: emissions into the air, water discharge and the soil, use of raw materials, natural resources and energy, waste management, etc.) 


Certification of our environmental management system according to ISO standard 14001 enabled us to prove our environmental implications at the world SME level).