QSE Policy

Our engagement,

Aware of the impacts of the activities of our company Colorado , we are committed to a sustainable development policy that takes into account the environmental, economic and social dimension. His key points are:

1. Maintain the integrity of the environment by,

● Prevention of pollution and minimization of the environmental impact of our activities (atmospheric discharges, liquid discharges, waste, climate change),

● The orientation of research and development towards eco-design,

● Optimizing the use of natural resources (reducing energy consumption and water consumption, reducing waste and recovering and reusing waste).

2. Target economic efficiency to create an innovative and prosperous economy by maintaining a customer relationship based on listening and innovation, meeting their needs and anticipating their expectations and joining the RSO .

3. To dialogue and to work progressively with our stakeholders who are invited to collaborate in achieving our goals of sustainable development


4. Assume our social responsibility towards our employees and society in,

● Improving "well-being" and working conditions to enable employees to join the company's projects and promote their professional development,

● Consulting and involving workers or their representatives in the implementation of measures to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks related to our activities.

● Implementing the "Tobacco Free Company" program that provides extensive information and education on the harmful effects of tobacco, protection against second-hand smoke, and weaning support for voluntary smokers.

● Reinforcing our humanitarian actions with associations and the local community.

5. Promoting equity and gender equality between our different collaborators and this by:

● Promoting access to positions of responsibility according to merit far from gender considerations,

● Ensuring gender equality in our human resources practices,

● Preserving the balance between private and professional life.

6. Respect a rigorous and thorough work ethic ,

● Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements including current legislation on employment, social protection and fundamental rights at work and the requirements of interested parties,

● Fair practices towards all our stakeholders,

● The fight against corruption,

7_Continually improve our social responsibility that integrates quality, health and safety, environment and social responsabilities.

It is by relying on these strategic axes framed by the  principles of Good Governance that we want to achieve our ultimate objective: 'to be the regional reference for paints in the Maghreb and West Africa at all levels'.

This COLORADO sustainability policy and its implementation are directly linked to our values: 'Pro-activity, Rigour, Efficiency, Courage and Coherence'

The Director General

   Abed CHAGAR

November 23, 2018