Innovation: COLORADO has five research and development laboratories in charge of creating new products every year. In 2019, ten new products were launched. 

COLORADO also engages in innovation undertakings in partnership with European firms active in the decorative and functional paint segment. 


Promotion actions: COLORADO set up promotional actions by boosting sales through a system of incentives linked to quantitative objectives. 


COLORADO keeps close watch on purchasing actions and on the reseller via the following:

  • Training and information seminars on new items to the benefit of painters
  • Organization of games for painters (2013 Jnyan game) 
  • Dynamic discount system

Communication: Each year COLORADO organizes an advertising campaign in the press, on the radio and by posters. 

There is a website designed to inform professionals and the public at large on all events, product range and method of application, etc.

COLORADO has a prescription department in charge of maintaining relations with architects, developers and consultancy firms to have them prescribe COLORADO products for the structures they build.


Listening to customers: COLORADO has inaugurated a «listening » unit for answering all customer claims and conducting of in-the-field customer satisfaction campaigns;


Regionalization: COLORADO has instituted a policy of regionalization in order to get closer to the customer and offer better service quality (inventory availability, speedy delivery and after sales services, training of painters at the different branches, etc.  Today COLORADO has 6 regional branches.


Showroom policy: COLORADO has 9 showrooms throughout Morocco.  Every year COLORADO open one new showroom.  The end purpose of the showroom is threefold :

  • The showroom is a place for exhibiting COLORADO products accessible to the end customers who can obtain advice and help in the choice of paints to apply.  Entering into relations with painters and appliers is also possible thanks to the database of painters trained by COLORADO. 
  • It serves as a place for the training of painters. In each showroom (except in Casablanca), there is a training center that every week trains 5 to 6 painters on COLORADO products. 
  • It also serves as a meeting place with architects of the region. 
  • It is also a place for storage of decorative products reserved for sale to the account customers in the region. The purpose is to guarantee greater rapidity in the delivery of the relevant products to account customers even for small quantities.