HR Policy

We are convinced that our success resides in the quality of the men and women employed by COLORADO. For this reason we have devised a human resource policy with the goal of recruiting the very best, developing their competencies and winning their loyalty.


By choosing Colorado you will be a part of the national leader in the world of paint.



To move hand in hand with its growth each year Colorado recruits nearly 40 new staff members whose profiles correspond the best possible to the company’s current and future needs.


Upon your arrival we grant you a personalized welcome adapted to your profile. The objective is to help you get to know about your position by providing the maximum amount of information about the company, how it is organized, the procedures linked to your profession, as well as practical information facilitating integration into our organization. 



Attract, motivate and win over the loyalty of the very best elements with competitive global remuneration while preserving internal equity, such is the objective of our remuneration policy.


To preserve this equity Colorado as developed a competitive salary grid based on an in-depth knowledge of the function and its position within the organization and the labor market. 


Issue of performance

The performance of each staff member is managed by a process involving an annual interview with one’s manager. The General Human Resources Management lends particular importance thereto in order to keep close watch over how it occurs.



Training is focused on the development of behavioral and professional competencies. Our intention is to keep our human resources up-to-date and develop among them large capacities for innovation and creativity to perform in an increasingly competitive environment. 

At Colorado we continuously strive to make sure our human capital disposes of the requisite competencies by offering high quality training. More than ever, we count there upon to offer our customers high quality products and services.

Our values:

We are convinced that our success and the achievement of your ambitions are built around shared values.


It is by sharing common values that the members of our staff express their commitment regarding a shared vision and permanent striving to attain improvement. 

  • Proactive attitudes: By listening to our environment and implementation of anticipatory  behavior. 
  • Rigor: Through respect of our internal commitments and with regard to all stakeholders (State, customers, shareholders, suppliers)
  •  Efficiency: Through our permanent determination to reach the results and objective within the timeframes and under the conditions spelled out 
  • Courage: Through decisions, actions and initiatives we take and handle with the utmost attention. 
  • Coherence: With constancy and equity we strive to achieve the coherence of our actions, methods of operation and decision-making with regard to our commitments and objectives.